Artist Depicts Emotional Abandonment


Abandoned (2017)

Emotional painting is but another word for feeling Abandoned

Abandonment is an emotional state in which people feel undesired, left behind, insecure, or discarded. Those experiencing emotional abandonment may feel cut off or at a loss from a express abandonment source of livelihood. The source has been withdrawn, either suddenly, or through a process of erosion.

Not belonging is terrible, it feels awkward and it hurts.

Gheorghe Virtosu

Feeling rejected as a fundamental component of abandonment has an impact in that it activates the pain centers of the brain that leaves an emotional imprint in the neuro warning system. Separation stress is the primary source of human dysfunction. When a human experience a threat or disconnection within a primary attachment, it triggers a fear response.

We are continuously aware of our emotional needs in order to control and understand what’s missing in our relationship with ourselves or with others. Without it, we may just feel, blue, lonely, apathetic, irritable, angry, or tired. Life has many emotional needs, like the need for affection, for love, for companionship, to be listened to and understood, to be appreciated, to be valued …



Gheorghe Virtosu is the 'Illuminati' of contemporary British abstract art. As an artist who paints social phenomena, he challenged himself to create a piece that strives to express Abandonment as a form of social reprimand. The idea was born as he went through a life-changing experience in solitary confinement.

A dramatic period of his life that made him encounter Loneliness, Abuse, Guilt, and Abandonment.

The artist describes the fundamentals as four characters which shaped his view of life for ever after as he reveals the piece that explores the allure of the abandonment.



Without the ability to see people as whole and constant, it may be difficult to evoke the feel of the presence of the loved ones when they are not physically present. The feeling of being left on our own can trigger intense reactions.

When fear of abandonment is triggered, shame and self-blame follow. We find ourselves in a state of distress and destabilization.



While the centerpiece is colorful and bright, it is grotesque, having been transformed from human to a creature by the surrounding misery, and above all, its abandonment.